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Glacier Hills County Park

Glacier Hills County Park
Glacier Hills County Park
Glacier Hills County Park
Glacier Hills County Park
Glacier Hills County Park
1664 Friess Lake Rd., Hubertus, WI 53033
Village of Richfield

Park Open Year-Round
6am - 10pm

Glacier Hills County Park
is located on what geologists term an interlobate moraine. Between ten and twenty thousand years ago, the Green Bay and Lake Michigan Glacier Lobes butted against each other. When they receded, approximately 10,000 years ago, they left the interesting and unique landform we call the Kettle Moraine.

Glacier Hills County Park, originally developed as St. Amelians Orphanage Youth Camp, became a Washington County Park in 1976. The park consists of 140 acres of land and includes approximately 1200 feet of frontage on Friess Lake.

The gravel soil, deposited as a result of glacial action, supports a forest of oaks, maples, basswood, ironwood, elm and birch. Over 120 varieties of birds have been observed in the park.

Glacial formations can be seen along the trails that wind around depressions called kettles, across rounded kames, and over a sinewy esker that was once the bed of a subglacial river. The rounded pebbles and gravel soil, typical of the interlobate moraine area, are indicative of the powerful grinding force of the glacier. Ponds, marshes,and a bog can be found at the base of several of the kettle holes. Friess Lake was formed from the melting of a giant ice block left by the receding glacier.

Park Amenities:
• Playground Equipment
• Historical Site
• Basketball Court
• Fishing
• Hiking Trails
• 4 Reservable Shelters
• Lighted Parking Areas
• Lighted Sled Hill (not designed for use by small children)
• Snowmobile Trail Access
• Heated Flush Restrooms
• Cross Country Ski Trail (trail is not groomed)
• Sand Volleyball Court (provide own ball and net)
• Swimming (no lifeguard provided)
• Kayaks (Available to Rent)
• Rustic Cabins Rentals - visit the website:
• Air Conditioning in the Hall

1664 Friess Lake Road, Hubertus, WI 53033
Village of Richfield
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